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other ways to say goodbye


 » Used in professional situations, These goodbyes used to show more respect.

  • Goodbye
  • Have a nice day or have a good weekend/vacation
  • Thank you, I enjoyed seeing u.
  • I look forward to our next meeting
  • It was nice to see you / it was nice seeing you
  • It was nice meeting you
  • Say hello to your family for me
  • Until tomorrow
  • Keep in touch
  • It was wonderful to talk with you
  • It was great talking with you


 » These goodbyes are very informal and should be used with people you know very well such as close friends, family, long-time work colleagues or friends you have known for a very long time.

  • bye bye
  • have a good one
  • I’m off
  • So long
  • All right then
  • I must be going
  • Later!
  • Catch you later!
  • See ya!
  • I’m outta here
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